For Teenagers and Adults

Intravenous Moderate Sedation

Reduce fear and anxiety with intravenous moderate sedation.


Dr. Perusini is pleased to offer dental care for teenagers and adults under intravenous moderate sedation.

To administer intravenous sedation in Alberta, dentists are required to complete additional training through an accredited program. Dr. Perusini is proud to hold this certification.

Case selection is critical. Understanding the importance of safety, Dr. Perusini will insist on scheduling a consultation to review your medical history and suitability for intravenous sedation. The office manager will also communicate important protocols to prepare you for the day of treatment.

On the day of treatment, patients must be accompanied to the office by a responsible adult. Appropriate monitors will be placed to record your heart rate, breathing, blood pressure and blood oxygen saturation. An intravenous line will be placed in your hand or arm, and sedative medications will be carefully administered through the line.

You will feel drowsy yet still respond to instructions from Dr. Perusini. Most patients will forget some or all of the procedure. Following dental treatment, you will be monitored and recovered for a minimum of 45 minutes before being discharged with your chaperone.

Dr. Perusini is registered with the College of Dental Surgeons of Alberta to provide dental care for teenagers and adults under intravenous moderate sedation.

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