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A Dental Home for All Children

We are an inclusive pediatric dentistry clinic in the heart of Edmonton. We work closely with families to build lasting relationships rooted in trust, compassion and quality care.

Hello and welcome to Avenue Pediatric Dentistry!

I’m Dr. Darsi Perusini and I’m absolutely delighted to welcome you to Avenue Pediatric Dentistry!

Over the years, my belief in providing the very best dental care for children has only grown stronger. This resonates with Alma Powell’s statement:

 There is no better investment of time and money than in the life of a child. They are the future. 

I recognize that that every child is unique – their life shaped by many factors including culture, gender, family composition and economic status. Here at Avenue Pediatric Dentistry, my dedicated team and I work closely with families to ensure that every child has a positive experience. Together, we’re committed to creating a warm and caring environment where children can feel safe and appreciated.

The best pediatric dental care comes from investing in families and children to understand their needs.

Sparkling Smiles, Happy Hearts

We offer dental care for both children and individuals of all ages with special healthcare needs. We customize our approach based on their needs and preferences in a friendly and comfortable environment.

holistic Pediatric Dental Care

Every visit is a chance to learn, grow and smile brighter. Our holistic approach empowers children to take charge of their oral health.

Understanding Cost, No surprises

We adhere to the Alberta Dental Specialist Fee Guide which helps you make the most of your child’s dental care while staying within budget. 

Inclusive Pediatric Care

At Avenue Pediatric Dentistry, welcoming diversity is at the heart of our approach. We understand that families are different and that each child deserves personalized care tailored to their individual needs.

We also believe that by providing a positive experience that is caring and inclusive, we can make a difference in the overall health of our patients. We strive to nurture a child’s confidence in dentistry, and to foster an environment where every child feels valued and safe.

Dr. Perusini is respectfully aware of the need for culturally-appropriate care. He and his staff ensure that it is an integral component of the services provided at Avenue Pediatric Dentistry.

Community Support

In our commitment to the community, we embrace the belief that it takes a collective effort to raise a child. We actively extend our reach beyond our clinic walls to ensure that inclusivity and support are woven into the fabric of our practice.

Dr. Perusini maintains privileges at the Stollery Children’s Hospital and the Alberta Surgical Centre, as well as assists children at Rosecrest Home. He is a clinical instructor and lecturer in the Department of Pediatric Dentistry at the University of Alberta. As a member of the Non-Insured Health Benefits Oral Health Advisory Committee (Government of Canada), Dr. Perusini extends his knowledge and support to the community at large.

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